Main goal:

PlantUP Research Infrastructure is an infrastructure of excellence that focuses on systematically recording, preserving, protecting and exploiting the wealth of Greek plant biodiversity. The individual actions of implementing the PlantUP Infrastructure promote basic and applied research with the ultimate recipient of the human being. PlantUP includes the rational and uniform reinforcement of the existing recipient infrastructure at national level, aiming at the sustainable exploitation of plant biodiversity through the creation of high added value products. Highly qualified experts in botanical, agronomic, chemical, and natural product technology, genetics, analytical chemistry and plant protection are joining forces to build this infrastructure.

Considering that Greece is an area of high plant biodiversity (6,000 of which 1200 endemic), its aim is to exploit it by implementing a specific plan of sustainable harvesting and characterization of plants, plant tissues and seeds. The scope of the infrastructure covers a range from systematic,  genetic, morphological characterization, to analysis,  phytochemistry, plant protection, biological assessment of innovative natural products.