The long-term vision is to realize it through the synergistic interaction between universities and industry. It is the rapid and systematic transfer of basic science and technology from industry labs to industry and the continuous flow of highly trained scientists from the academic community to industry that promote technological, economic and social progress in technologically leading countries. To this end, PlantUP will fill a gap currently existing between universities/research institutes and entrepreneurs towards the implementation of national strategic priorities for the exploitation of the national plant health of the country in a systematic and uniform manner. Additional synergies of PlantUP are related to the transfer of know-how to exploit innovative ideas of industries, companies and other organizations and businesses. It includes consultation of Media and other organisms to pursue new/complementary research actions for the dynamic expansion of the Copyright Arsenal and the submission of international patents related to Natural Products and their development in large-scale production.

In addition, synergies with industry will be developed to carry out economic and technical studies (eg. feasibility study, econometric analysis, process optimization) and long-term sustainability. The activities that will be developed in the Infrastructure are also thematically related or complementary to a number of other initiatives which have been developed in Greece including EATRIS-GR (clinical studies), LIFEWATCH-GR (biodiversity), OpenScreen-GR (screening compounds), Bioimaging-GR (Advanced Imaging), Infrafrontier / Phenotypos-GR (Phenotypic) and BBMRI-GR (biobanks) who may need access to high value Natural Products to achieve their goals.