Science Day 02/03/2019

Plant UP DISSEMINATION FACTSHIP DATABASE in the framework of a workshop of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Food Technology (Department of Chemistry, University of Thessaloniki)

On 2/3/2019, the International Exhibition of Food and Drinks (DEPRO) took place at the International Fair of Thessaloniki (TIFF), the scientific conference entitled “Olive, evergreen and old age” with the organizer Maria Tsimidou, member of Plant UP-AUTh. Volunteers from the collaborating laboratories of Chemistry, Biology and Chemical Engineering (Maria Papapostolou, PhD candidate of Chemistry, Chemistry and Food Technology Laboratory (EXTT)), Alexandros Nakas (PhD candidate of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Organic Chemistry Laboratory), Antigone Koletti (PhD candidate of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Organic Chemistry), Demetris Mertzanidis (PhD candidate of the Department of Biology, Laboratory of Systematic Botany and Phytogeography), Triantafyllia Pali, Maria Keki and Stefania Poulaki (Postgraduate students of the Department of Biology, Postgraduate program Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Utilization of Native Plants) participated in the workshop and contributed to the excellent organization, providing also the appropriate information on the infrastructure. The volunteers were responsible for the attendance of the attendees, the dissemination of information about the research actions and infrastructures involved in the EXTT, the configuration of the conference hall and the banner hanging, including the Plant UP infrastructure which presented the research teams, the research fields of interest of the teams and the personnel participating in the AUTh pole. Through the presentations of the scientific conference “The olive, the evergreen and the eternal”, the purpose of Subproject 3 of the Plant UP infrastructure was promoted to the exploitation of natural products of Greek biodiversity, highlighting the need for quality control and standardization of raw materials and finished products containing natural (the case of olive oil and table olives) and presenting techniques for the extraction and isolation of natural products serving to control the quality of the final product, as well as experimental processes related to the development of new natural products (emulsified oil types) that contribute to good health of consumers.

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